Services and prices

Services and prices for delivery of IKEA goods and furniture.

The prices of goods and furniture are calculated on the basis of the total price of the order at the IKEA store in Riga and Poland and their weight.

We add 10% to the IKEA price in Riga and 20% to the IKEA price in Poland.

Shipping costs to Tallinn.

Order amount up to 1000 eur - delivery fee - 35 eur

From 1001 EUR - 2000 EUR - Delivery fee - 45 EUR

From 2001 EUR - 3000 EUR - 65 EUR

We will negotiate a price of over 3000 euro individually.

* Uniform prices for delivery to any address in the territory of Estonia.

If you need a pallet or items that are bursting for the transportation of goods, the price may vary.

Delivery conditions for IKEA products.

1. If there is a situation that the price of IKEA goods has increased, the client should pay the difference or we refund the money for the goods to the customer’s bank account.

2. We believe that the order is invalid and cancel its processing If the customer has not made full payment of the invoice within the specified period.

3. Ordered IKEA goods are delivered to the addresses, to the first floor.

4. Attention! When ordering goods, please note! Specify the right color and code (eight figures separated by point, for example: 000.000.00). Please check the codes and the names of the ordered goods specified in your invoice before payment. Later complaints are not accepted.

5. We do not guarantee 100% availability of goods in the IKEA store. If the ordered goods are not available in the IKEA store, we will refund the money for goods, or deliver the goods as soon as they become available.

6. On the return of goods to the IKEA store . The cost is calculated depending on the weight of the ordered goods.

7. Full or partial payment of the invoice implies the customers’ acceptance of the terms of delivery.